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13 November 2011 @ 09:34 pm
It's a pc world  
Yes, it's actually me posting. lol  I'm taking a break from my live journal hiatus to post a thought.

Tonight I was taken to dinner and a movie by my younger sister and my cousins as a surprise for my birthday. When one of my cousins asked for a birthday cake the waitress had to inform us that she could put a candle in it, but that they're no longer aloud to sing to the patrons. '

A customer who called corporate headquarters said that she doesn't celebrate birthdays in her religion and that she was offended when she heard Olive Garden's version of a birthday song at one of their restaurants. So now the employees at all corporately owned Olive Gardens across the country have been barred from singing it to patrons.

Hasn't this political correctness thing gone a bit too far? 
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